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UPSF, LLC is now the host site for HFL Farms


Your family's favorite Pick-Your-Own Strawberry Farm is now the proud host location for HFL Farms, a USDA Grant Funded project.


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  Awaken Your Connection....

Our mission at Hope-Faith-Love Farm is to increase your quality of life despite historically tough times -  financially, mentally and even politically. 

About HFL Farms.

Tower Garden
We are here to provide an experience in connection. Our service programs and educational experiences are the root of what we do. The berries and flowers are just delicious by-products of the fulfilling encounters we facilitate.

At Hope-Faith-Love Farms we seek to awaken the connection we (humans) have with our food sources. The spark in the soul when you experience the gratification and satisfaction of enjoying direct engagement with growing greens is incomparable.

Thanks to a USDA grant - HFL Farms is grateful for the opportunity to bring a one of a kind experience, in your home or at our farm. 

Through our hands-on educational experiences & in home or business tower services programs - we make vertical growing an engaging and immensely gratifying adventure. 

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Est. 2022

HFL Home Hub Created @ UPSF LLC main location

This project will extend the season length of standard access to locally grown strawberries and potentially  other specialty crops, while also increasing the educational opportunity from this traditional experience in a  sustainable, controllable way. For years the farm here at UPSF has had the blessing of sharing not only delicious  Wisconsin Strawberries, but also the experience you get when you pick your own. Each season tens of  thousands of people flock to our farm for the experience to engage with Wisconsin’s Agriculture first hand.


Picking strawberries is an annual tradition in many homes. To go out each year and enjoy this direct connection  with Wisconsin specialty crops is becoming an undervalued experience in our industry. Our project offers that  same opportunity in a more controlled setting, therefore increasing the depth of educational interaction  possible. This project provides opportunities for a more controlled environment for both the strawberries and  the picking public. 

The extended growing season in combination with sustainability and environmental control will allow UPSF to  increase the opportunity of access for the local community, both on site and off site within the established  market. Having locally grown specialty crops in Wisconsin in the off-season will increase access for residents and distributors. 

The educational components will contain teachable elements that consumers and beginning farmers can utilize  on their own post ed event. These techniques and methods can further benefit the consumer supply chain including local distributors and farmers. Educational efforts will contain methods for efficiently producing an improved and increased yield and year round access. These techniques and topics will be adjusted for the audience but will contain some of the same foundational elements.

2023 & Beyond


Objective 1: Extend the traditional specialty crop picking season.

Objective 2: Raise crop access with increased quantity and education during an extended season. 

Objective 3: Offer increased agricultural educational opportunities to the community. The educational material and opportunities will be focused on specialty crops, growing, purchasing and  consuming. Interested customers and future co op growers will have the opportunity to participate in an  educational experience either in person or via web. In addition there will be educational opportunities for small groups that would include a more personalized hands on experience with the tower grown specialty crops; co op growers would be targeted for educational opportunities as well. 

Objective 4: Boost quality overall season yield while decreasing variables with alternate growing  methods. 

Objective 5: Increase sustainability and pest control with the incorporation of hydroponic systems.


HFL Farm C/O UPSF LLC. 5396 Hahn Road DeForest, WI 53532


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